My Name Is G. Jason Head.

What’s The “G” For?

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I’m always asked what the “G” in my name is for.

My father, Galen Head is an old professional hockey player.  (Old as in, he played from 1965-1976).  During the 1969/1970 Season, my pops played for the Salt Lake Golden Eagles. It was during this time that he played with one of the players that he claimed was one of the best hockey players he ever seen.  A man named Guyle Fielder.

Guyle Fielder

I doubt many people reading this are familiar with him, as he spent most of his years playing in the minor leagues.  Anytime he went to the NHL, he never really stayed too long.  However, He is the third-leading scorer in professional hockey history, behind only Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe, and holds the records as the leading games played, career assists and career points in minor league hockey history.

So I was named after him.  My first name is “Guyle” – but my parents never called me it. They always called me by my middle name, “Jason”.  I never thought much of it.  It was neat to have an interesting first name, but no one ever referred to me by it.  It wasn’t until my older brother, Galen Jr. passed away in a car accident about 15 years ago that I starting thinking about it again.  I added the “G.” back into my name as a bit of a tribute to both my brother and I also thought it was fair that someone keeps the Guyle name going.  I have not yet met another person with this name.  I should probally try to track down Mr. Fielder and introduce myself one of these days.

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