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Yesterday morning, a co-worker of mine told me that he was showing his kids a website we worked on and on a whim pulled up the “view source” and showed them the code.  His kids were fascinated. At first, they were excited to see their dad’s company in the comment tag.  After taking some time to point out how the code related to the page they were seeing in their browsers – the kids started getting really interested in how it was made. My co-worker was explaining this all to me and asking if if I knew of any resources or books that may be good for kids to learn a bit more about how to make websites.

I have a ton of books, and do a pretty darn good job of keeping up on all this stuff, but I was at a loss. I get plenty of review copies of books and the ones I don’t get for free I usually buy – also follow plenty of blogs, twitters, etc. I just couldn’t find a good resource to teach younger kids the basics of html and css. So naturally, I hit up my twitter followers and got a nice list of suggestions.

For the record, my co-workers kids are 7 & 9 – pretty young – so of course some starting early you’ll need someone to guide them along and help teach this stuff. Some of these books may be a bit advanced for younger kids. In posting these suggestions, I’m trying to keep kids from 10 – 15 in mind also.

One of the best suggestions was “HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites”. Beautifully designed and looks to have all the basics.  Looks like a great starting point.  I ordered one for myself.  The design is lovely.  It reminds me a bit of my fascination with National Geographics “World” or “Our Fifty States” – 2 books I had as a kid that I kept paging through for years.

Another book with lots of recommendations was “Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets, and Web Graphics” by Jennifer Robbins.  I own a copy of this one  – so I can attest that it is a fantastic beginners guide to the web.  Jen gets the users all the basics they need to start a good foundation in web design & development.  I even picked up a few new tricks from this one also.

I also received a number of recommendations for “HTML for Babies” – I’m not sure how useful this will be to many folks, but hey – you can never start them too early.   (They also have a CSS book too!

There are 2 out-of-print books that I have suggested to beginners over the years.  Both are still very relevant and great for beginners:

You can still find both of them on Amazon as used books.

There are plenty of other excellent resources out there – I just wanted to share a few items that others shared with me.  Feel free to add any additional resources to the comments of this post.

You can find all the above books on Amazon:

And here is a link to a Storify of the better responses.