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Top 10 Records of 2013

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This year was a good year for music.  Over the months, my affinity to modern death metal has grown – and it’s also nice to see some younger hardcore bands ignoring the usual lunkhead-core styles and moving toward more youth-crew and experimental styles.

Anyway, here is my top ten for the year:

10. GEHENNA – UnravelGehenna - Unravel

This is the Norwegian band – not the hardcore band. This was a long time coming.  Gehenna have not released a record since 2005’s “WW”.   Between lineup changes and 2 different labels they finally got this new release out and it was a almost perfect. Slow, grinding black metal the way that only Gehenna can do it.

9. THE RIVAL MOB – Mob JusticeRival Mob - Mob Justice

This one grew on me.  I didn’t like it when it first came out, but there are a few songs on here that just got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave.  In fact, this record made my list simply for the tracks “Mob Justice” and “Boot Party”.  This lp is much easier to get than their previous vinyl output as Rev is pressing the hell out of this one.  (Also nice to see Rev get back to releasing some hardcore again!)

8. COKE BUST – ConfinedCoke Bust - Confined

Fast. Pissed off.  Aggressive. Uncompromising hardcore.

Did I mention fast? 9 songs clocking in at 8:58.

7. INCENDIARY – Cost of Livingincendiary - cost of living

Another one I didn’t think I would like when I first heard it, but I ended up loving everything about this.  Strong, heavy guitars and the vocals are a huge plus for me.  A vocalist can make or break if I like a band, and this dude belts out the lyrics in a way that I like.

6. WARXGAMES – 9 Trax / No NightmarewarXgames

Raw and brutal. The back cover of this 7″ shows a guy wearing a straight edge hoodie and another wearing a Darkthrone leather jacket.  So you know this 7″ is gonna be heavy as shit.  As far as I know, this is some folks from MINDSET and some metal dude.  Great record.

5. ANTIDELUVIAN – λόγοςAntideluvian

Antideluvian are an acquired taste.  One of the more modern death metal bands – and also coming from Canada, which is a breeding ground for it’s own unique death-metal and black-metal underground these days.  λόγος is dark, brooding and grinding.  All the instruments (including the vocals) meld together to create one unique sound that can’t be duplicated.  Setting a dark and settling atmosphere of chaos.


Not much is known about Hexer.  A Philadelphia based duo, they release 2 demo tapes over the last year.  These tapes got in the hands of Gilead Media, where they were pressed up on a limited edition 500 lps.  This is buzzing, low-fi black metal with eerie underlying female-based vocals – with riffs galore.  Great listening.


After this year, most people just want to talk about the controversy behind EVIL ARMY.  All I know is that when Rob Evil got out of jail this year, they finally released this 7″ of songs they recorded prior to his incarceration.  This is thrash metal the way it should sound – grimy, loud and with it comes with a sense of danger.  Lock up your bass cabs, kids.

If these guys get their shit together and don’t implode first, their projected new LP for 2014 is going to the best metal record released next year.  For sure.


More modern Death Metal.  Portal have a way of creating a an eerie soundscape more powerful than anything that is normally saved on a 12″ slab of melted wax.  One of the few death metal bands you can play and for your non-death metal fan friends to show them that some metal guys actually can play their instruments.

1. CARCASS – SURGICAL STEELCarcass Surgical Steel

This record blew me away this year. I wake up with the songs in my head.  I got to bed with the songs in my head. Nothing I can do can get me to stop listening to this record at least once a day.  This record was an absolute gem – a classic metal record we’ll be talking about years from now.

Honorable Mentions

Also, best shows I saw this year: