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Thoughts on Web Design Day 2013

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It’s been over a week since Val and  returned to Pittsburgh for the yearly conference we run, Web Design Day.  I thought this year was one of the best conferences we put and am incredibly happy with how well it went.  I’m also extremely proud of all the work Val put into the show this year.

The one thing that every person asked us was “Will you be doing this again next year?”  Which is a hard question to answer (especially when you are trying to figure out where your caterer is when she is an hour late!).  We usually take it year by year.  Running a web design conference has become a bit more difficult recently as there are now a lot of conferences for people to choose from.   Speaker fees have also risen significantly. Companies can only sponsor so many conferences, so there is a competitive marker for sponsorship money also.  There is a shit-ton of work that goes on behind the scenes in order to run a conference – and as your conference gets bigger, the workload increases.

However – running a conference has been the most professionally rewarding thing we have ever done.  Nothing  can compare to the amount of friends we have made, the professional connections we’ve created and just the good feeling of getting a group of like-minded people together to meet, share and learn new ideas.  Over the last 2 or 3 years we’ve seen Web Design Day grow to be more than just a local Pittsburgh conference too.  So now, we have people meeting and networking with people all over the east coast also!  What makes me most proud of what we have done with Web Design Day is how it helps other people.  Being able to help other people in this industry is a great feeling.  People have become better at their jobs, met new people and even found new careers because of Web Design Day.  It’s a great feeling knowing you can help people.

So, what is the answer to the question?  Of course, we’re going to keep Web Design Day going. It’s a fantastic event that is important to Pittsburgh and the web development community there.  We’re also going to keep the event unique to Pittsburgh.  You won’t be seeing Web Design Day popping up in other cities.  As long as you keep supporting us and attending our event, we’ll be there to do our best to make it the best event we can.  (And yes, next year we’ll probably see the return of Franktuary as our caterers!)

I’m already excited for next year!