My Name Is G. Jason Head.

Philly or Bust!


Mad Max Talbot

When Val and I first started Refresh Pittsburgh – it started with 13 people in a coffee shop in Oakland. From that day, we gave it all we had and grew the group – and most importantly – the Pittsburgh web community – into something I never expected to achieve.

Years later, we have regular bi-monthly meetups that gather anywhere from 60 – 75 people. We have great speakers from Pittsburgh – and requests from awesome people from outside of town to come visit us and present at our events. We’ve held 6 successful web design conferences – and a number of workshops that have brought many people to our city to see what a fantastic web community we have.

I am so happy and thankful to have had a small part in making the Pittsburgh Web Community one of the best in the nation.

That why I’m so sad to leave!

In September, Val and I will be moving to Philadelphia as I have accepted a position at Happy Cog as Director of Development. It’s quite possibly my dream job – and I can’t wait to be able to work with the talented and friendly people that I have looked up to for so long. I’m extremely excited (and nervous) for the new opportunity, but we’re really going to miss everything here in Pittsburgh.

With that said, 2 important thing to note:

First, we are working on plans to keep Refresh Pittsburgh as active as it’s always been. We’re also still moving ahead full-force with Web Design Day too! Neither of these important things will be going away! There is a great group of people who will be over-seeing Refresh Pittsburgh – and we plan on keeping Web Design Day alive in Pittsburgh – and possibly with a sister event in Philly.

Second, thanks to all of the awesome people who helped us along the way and the fantastic friends we made here. (I plan on making a more personal thank-you post soon!) All we did was organize stuff – everyone who attended helped build it. It’s not *my* community, it’s *yours*. It’s Pittsburgh’s.

Val and I will still be back often. We plan on settling back here eventually. Pittsburgh is home for me, and always will be. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of the web community here.

We’re not scheduled to be residents of Philly until early September, so we’ll be around for two more months. Let’s hang out and do fun things until then.

PS: No, I will not become a Flyers fan. I’m also keeping my Penguins season tickets too!  And man, I sure can’t wait to rummage through all the vinyl record bins around Philadelphia.