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Coffee Shop Workin’

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Since going independent, I sometimes find myself working for a few hours at a local coffee shop.  I usually go there if I am doing something like writing, administrative stuff or pretty much anything but writing code.  (That’s a blog post for another time.)

Like most cities, the coffee shops in Pittsburgh are filled with a lot of people with their laptops open working on something.  When I join these folks, I try to keep a few things in mind as my list of “coffee shop workin’ etiquette”.  And now, I’ll pass these along to you.

  1. Turn off dropbox sync.  If I need to download some large file, I make sure to sync my dropbox before leaving my house.  Usually those files in your dropbox are pretty large.  Don’t slow down everyone’s network connection by pulling down huge psd’s or some word files your client sent you.  Also, if you are connected to an organizing who shares everything by dropbox, you can’t really control when others are saving things.  Be nice and turn that sync off when you are sharing wifi!
  2. Don’t stream music.  I use iTunes match and have a huge library so I turn off “Show Music in the Cloud” on iTunes and stick to stuff that is already on my local machine.  I also opt to not use Rdio or Spotify either. It’s just another lag on a network.
  3. Don’t be cheap. Don’t by a bottled water and take up space.  If you are at a coffee shop they can make much better coffee than you can at home, so get yourself something good – and keep em coming as long as you are sitting there.
  4. Tip. Tip your baristas.  Even if you go there every day and they know you by name.  Tip them and keep tipping them.
  5. Share your space.  If I am at a table and the coffee shop is getting busy, I’ll try to let another laptop user join my table.
  6. Turn on a hotspot. This one is not for everyone, but I absolutely love my Karma wifi hotspot.  Not only is it a great backup for when I am around shoddy wifi, but it also lets other people share my hotspot wifi *and* gives me a wifi credit too.  It’s been the most affordable wifi hotspot I have come across and I don’t think I have ever not been able to get service with it.

There you have. A quick blog post I wrote up in a coffee shop to avoid doing real work of  six tiny things you can do to improve the coffee shop workers of america!