My Name Is G. Jason Head.

Even More Changes….


Downsizing happened. I was part of the group that was downsized. I am no longer working there. I can't really say much more than that.

It's been an interesting year to say the least. While I am disappointed at the way it ended, it was a situation that turned out a bit different than I was expecting.  It is a strange feeling when you work hard towards a specific career-goal for many years and when you actually achieve it, things turn out much differently than you expected. Val and I made some rather large sacrifices in our life to allow me to pursue this opportunity. Even though it didn't work out, I would still make the same decision.

The entire experience has been extremely valuable to me - I've learned a few life-lessons and met some great people.  An experience doesn't necessarily have to go the way you anticipate it for you to get something out of it. Yes, there are some pretty solid reasons I could be bitter and pissed-off, but why bother?  Life takes weird turns sometimes and you just need to put your seat belt on and go with it.

Whats next?  Well, for the first time since college I have some free time to take advantage of and I plan on doing just that.  We have a lease here in Philadelphia until the end of July - so I'll be taking care of some personal projects and taking on some freelance projects as well.  Going full-time freelance is very appealing right now, but I'm not sure of the long-term feasibility.

Pittsburgh?  I think it's time to come home.  I plan on doing even more for the tech and web community than I did before.  Refresh Pittsburgh will be getting better.  Web Design Day will improve immensely.  I plan on trying to do more for the greater Pittsburgh community - it's time to take some of my skills and apply them to more than just the the local web industry and try to help out community and charity organizations.  Finally, there are a few more ideas that Val and I have been talking about that I am excited to see if we can pull off in Pittsburgh.

Our timeline is a bit up in the air, but I'm really looking forward to the future and am so excited about what we all can do.

Oh shit! I guess I should also mention: I'm looking for a full-time web-dev gig and also taking on some freelance projects.  So get in touch if you have any leads or need some help with some work