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Introducing Ancient Future!

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There has been a small project I sorta started working on about 2 years ago, that finally starting getting some steam in the last year. It’s finally gotten enough traction that I can finally introduce my small record label, Ancient Future.

I’ve always been a music fanatic. My tastes however, lean a bit to the extreme side. (Well, most of them.) For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent a good portion of my wallet’s contents on records,  shows and whatever else I can get my hands on from punk rock and metal bands all over the darn place. I’ve dabbled in contributing to my local scenes over the years wether it be a small music project, booking a show here and there and doing websites for bands and other stuff. I always wanted to do something a bit larger though, so that’s where Ancient Future was born.

Yes, it’s a “record label”, but not some big operation. This label will be keeping things small. Most releases will be short runs of vinyl lp’s, 7″ records and cassettes. (What? Yes, cassettes are still a thing in metal circles!) I’ll also use the label as an outlet for other things now and then like shirts, posters or other projects I or my friends make that may be suitable for the label. The hope is that it will continue to fund itself and I can keep putting out projects that are fun while supporting other folks creative outlets.

So far, I’ve announced releases from Evil Army, Abysme, CANT and an upcoming split release with Taphos Nomos and Urðun. A few other things are in the works too. It’s exciting and fun!

It’s been a huge learning process. So far, the biggest thing I have learned is that I had no idea what I was/am in for. A general list of some of these things:

So what does the name Ancient Future mean?  Here is the scoop:  I love metal, but I also realize that sometimes, metal takes itself a bit too seriously.  “Ancient Future” is just a tongue-in-cheek take on all the unlimited genres that metal bands classify themselves as.  It sounds cool, and it reminds me to keep it fun.

Anyway, there is a ton more thoughts I have on this, but I at least wanted to introduce the project and get some thoughts out on a blog post.

If you are interested in following along you can learn more about Ancient Future on the Ancient Future Facebook Page and Ancient Future Twitter.